Tec-NQ’s Board of Directors voluntarily diverts their payments into a scholarship fund for Year 11 Tec-NQ senior school students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to Tec-NQ and its values. Tec-NQ acknowledges the commitment by its Board Directors and thanks them for their leadership and contributions.

Applications for 2024 Director's Scholarship are due the 31st of May 2024. Please complete the online form below and click submit. NOTE: you will not be able to save your application to return to multiple times. The online form will be submitted to the Executive Business Manager for consideration. Alternatively, a PDF application may be downloaded for completion.

Tec-NQ will notify all applicants of their outcome. Contact the School-based Programs Manager if you have questions.


  1. Scholarships are awarded by Tec-NQ to recognise and support outstanding students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to Tec-NQ and its values. In receiving a Scholarship, students will be expected to complete their trade and academic studies through to the completion of Year 12 at Tec-NQ.
  2. Tec-NQ reserves the right not to make an award if the standard of the applicants does not warrant doing so. The Scholarship Committee has discretion as to the number and monetary value of all Scholarships.
  3. Parents and students are informed that it is a condition of a Scholarship being awarded, that the value of the Scholarship remains confidential between the family, student and Tec-NQ.
  4. Scholarships are applied to Year 11 semester 2 or Year 12 Semester 1 fees at Tec-NQ, unless otherwise stated.
  5. Recipients of Scholarships are expected to maintain a high level of performance and behavioural standards.
  6. The information on the application form, results of tests, interviews and any other information provided remains confidential.
  7. Scholarship application closing dates are set by Tec-NQ.
  8. An invitation to attend an interview does not mean that the student will necessarily be offered a Scholarship.
  9. Tec-NQ will not enter into any discussion regarding the awarding of the scholarship. Following the application process, offers will be made in writing by the CEO.
  10. All applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, will be notified in writing.
  11. Scholarship recipients are expected to attend an appreciation event with the Board Directors.
Student's Name
Parent's Name(s)
Correspondence Address
Contact Number
Signature of Student
Signature of Parent/Guardian
PART A – ACHIEVEMENTS To be completed by the student
In what way do you see your skills and attributes contributing to the Tec-NQ community?
What does work ready mean for you?
Positions of Leadership or Responsibility: Please provide details of any leadership responsibilities you have earned.
Are you a member or do you belong to any community groups, sporting clubs, etc.? What contributions have you made to the local community?
Ambitions whilst you are at Tec-NQ. What do you hope to achieve and what have you achieved?